Carbon Cycle Economy Demonstration


Project Description

The Carbon-Cycle Economy Demonstration (C-CED) project aims to create a sustainable closed carbon cycle by combining and demonstrating various CO₂ capture and CO₂ recovery technologies. The project aims to establish a sustainable and closed carbon cycle by combining and demonstrating various CO₂ capture and CO₂ recovery technologies. This involves capturing CO₂ from various sources on a pilot scale and converting it into renewable methane (methanation), which plays an important role in many industrial processes as a carbon-containing energy source, but also as a raw material. In addition, the project integrates seasonal large-volume storage to create flexibility, which becomes necessary due to the switch to renewable energies.
The C-CED project is essentially working on two research areas together: (1) the research and/or demonstration of CO₂ capture from real gases, and (2) the recovery of CO₂ to methane in different processes. The project will thus for the first time investigate the interaction of different technologies to form a closed sustainable carbon cycle, including the storage functions necessary for the energy system of the future. The investigations are complemented by techno-economic, ecological and legal analyses.

Project Consortium

  1. RAG Austria AG
  2. ACIB GmbH
  3. Axiom Angewandte Prozesstechnik GmbH
  4. Energie AG
  5. Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz
  6. K1-Met GmbH
  7. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  8. Department IFA Tulln – Institute of Environmental Biotechnology
  9. Verein WIVA P&G – Wasserstoffinitiative Vorzeigeregion Austria Power & Gas
  10. voestalpine Stahl GmbH
  11. Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

Project duration

01.07.2021 - 30.05.2025

Funding provider

Climate and Energy Fund

Funding program

Vorzeigeregion Energie 2019 - Konjunkturpaket 2020
Klimafonds 2d Rbg Neu Ab 2023
Dieses Projekt wird aus Mitteln des Klima- und Energiefonds gefördert und im Rahmen des Programmes "887638" durchgeführt.
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