Conceptualizing and Understanding Resistance against Energy Policy and Technology

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Project Description

CURE will investigate the phenomena of active resistance to low-carbon transitions, based on an assessment of studies at micro, meso and macro levels, and across different technologies and policies. The research community will benefit from CURE’s efforts to flesh out the idea of resistance for practical use. This will involve identifying actors, forms, issues, behaviours and voices of resistance and how they affect policy implementation. On the one hand, CURE seeks to develop policy recommendations on how to make low-carbon transitions more democratic and sensitive to social diversity and vulnerability. On the other hand, it will study and contribute to the public discourse on low-carbon societies, thereby helping to increase the democratic legitimacy of sustainable energy transitions.

Project Consortium

  1. Norwegian University of Science and Technolgy
  2. NTNU Social Research
  3. Izmir University of Economics
  4. CICERO Center for International Climate Research
  5. University of Oslo
  6. Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz

Project duration

01.01.2022 - 31.12.2026

Funding provider

Norwegian Research Council


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