DI Dr. mont. Stefan Puschnigg

Senior Researcher

Stefan Puschnigg studied mechanical engineering and business economics at Graz University of Technology. He specialized in the fields of energy technology and management, as well as on associated economic contexts and challenges. A semester abroad at McMaster University in Canada allowed him to gain global energy-related experience and to build up knowledge in innovative project development. In 2017, he graduated on the topic of technology management and on how to assess innovative technologies for identifying their potential of being economically and technically successful.
Mr Puschnigg is employed at the Energieinstitut since 2018. His research focuses on techno-economic and environmental assessments (life cycle assessments) of sustainable technologies and concepts for decarbonization of industry.
Since 2019, Mr Puschnigg is an external PhD student at University of Leoben at the Chair of Energy Network Technology, where he is working at his dissertation on the topic of energy efficiency and flexibility in energy-intensive industries.

In 2023, Mr Puschnigg completed his doctoral program as an external PhD candidate at the University of Leoben at the Chair of Energy Network Technology on the topic of holistic sustainability assessments for achieving the decarbonization targets of energy-intensive industries.

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