Dr. Sebastian Goers

Senior Expert

Sebastian Goers began as a research associate for the Energieinstitut in 2008 and currently serves as a senior expert for the Energy Economics Department. He holds a PhD in Social and Economic Science from Johannes Kepler University and master’s degree in economics with a focus on international macroeconomics and environmental economics from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm University.

In the course of his dissertation entitled “Assessing the European Emissions Trading Scheme’s effectiveness and efficiency via an analysis of allowance endowment and CO2 price behavior”, he addressed selected research questions on the effectiveness and efficiency of the European Emissions Trading Scheme.

His current work focuses on the macroeconomic assessment of energy issues at the regional and national level and on the evaluation of European energy and climate policy. Additionally, Dr. Goers was appointed as Upper Austria’s scientific coordinator within the energy network of the partner regions Bavaria, Québec, Georgia, São Paulo, Shandong and Western Cape since mid-2013.

+43 732 2468 5654

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