DI (FH) Johannes Lindorfer

Key Reseacher

Mr. Lindorfer graduated in Bio- and Environmental Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Campus Wels). The professional internship took him to New Zealand for six months where he worked in biofuel research which served as the basis for his diploma thesis. After graduation, Mr. Lindorfer worked for two years as a project manager in a technical office in the field of dispersion modeling of air pollutants and various environmental and industrial planning and permitting projects. Since September 2007, Mr. Lindorfer has been part of the Energy Technology Department at the Energieinstitut and has been active as a project manager Key Researcher since July 2009. He thus has more than 10 years of experience in conceptual design, acquisition and execution of international and national research projects as well as cooperative team management. His research utilizes life cycle assessment and techno-economic methods for process evaluation of biobased products and persue CO2 neutrality for industrial processes and the energy industry.

+43 732 2468 5653

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