DI Dr. Hans Böhm

Senior Researcher

Hans Böhm completed his Bachelor and Master studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Graz University of Technology. He graduated in 2015 with focus on Energy Technology as well as Motor and Drive Technology. After a yearlong employment as a development engineer of climate-controlled spaces, he started his work as a Junior Researcher at the Energy Technology department of the Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität. Since January 2022, Hans Böhm has been working as Senior Researcher at the Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz.

Leveraging his expertise in the field of renewable hydrogen technologies, power-to-x processes, and carbon capture & utilization (CCU), he leads techno-economic assessments of emerging technologies and processes for storage and conversion of renewable energy carriers.

Hans engaged as an external Ph.D. student at the Chair of Process Technology and Industrial Environmental Protection at the Montanuniversität Leoben. His dissertation was in the field of techno-economic assessment of emerging technologies for energy storage and conversion.

+43 732 2468 5665

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