DI Stefan Puschnigg

Research Associate

DI Stefan Puschnigg is a research associate at the Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. After graduating from the Secondary Technical College Kaindorf with a focus on mechanical engineering and automation technology, Mr. Puschnigg completed a master’s program in mechanical engineering and business economics at the Graz University of Technology. The diversified program allowed him to specialize in energy technology, energy management, and business economics and participate in an exchange program with the McMaster University in Canada, where he specialized in innovative project development, energy management, and energy engineering. His master’s theses focused technology management and specifically on the identification of the economic and technical viability of innovative technologiesIn conjunction with his work at the Energy Institute, Mr Puschnigg is pursuing a PhD from the Montanuniversität Leoben at the Chair of Energy Network Technology. His dissertation focuses on the topic of energy efficiency and energy flexibility in energy-intensive industries.


+43 732 2468 5674

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Moser, S., Puschnigg, S., Rodin, V. (2019). Designing the Heat Merit Order to determine the value of industrial waste heat for district heating systems. 14th SDEWES Conference, Dubrovnik/Croatia.

Puschnigg, S. (2019). Kurzvortrag EU Horizon Projekt REWOFUEL. Forum Econogy, Energieinstitut an der JKU, Linz/Österreich.

Puschnigg, S., Fazeni-Fraisl, K., Lindorfer, J. (2019). Bio-isobutene: Life Cycle Assessment of an emerging technology for biobased fuels and materials. International Conference on Life Cycle Management, 1.-4.9.2019, Posen/Polen.

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