DI Gabriela Jauschnik BSc

Junior Researcher

As Ms Jauschnik’s interest in environmental protection and renewable energy systems grew, she began to study Energy, Transport and Environmental Management at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum Kapfenberg in 2015. In this study she gained the basic knowledge in the main areas and specialised in fine dust issues as well as the fields of energy technology and energy management. In the course of her bachelor’s degree, she was also trained as a waste management officer. In 2018, Gabriela Jauschnik began the master’s programme in energy and environmental management to expand and deepen her knowledge. In her masterthesis, which was written in cooperation with a research institution, she dealt with the determination of dust emissions an immissions from biomass combustion plants, which were recorded through experimental tests and dispersion modelling. In March 2021, she completed her master’s degree in energy and environmental management at the FH Burgenland Pinkafeld.

In February 2021, she joined the Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz as Junior Researcher in the Energy Economics Department.


+43 732 2468 5648

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