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“maxE” demonstration project

Electrification & Greening of Construction Sites:
As reported today by the OÖNachrichten, we at the Energieinstitut are researching the greening of construction sites in the sense of increasing electrification in a consortium together with Miba Battery Systems, Swietelsky AG, Netz Oberösterreich GmbH / Energie AG OÖ, ConPlusUltra GmbH and Business Upper Austria. The “maxE” project is supported by the Climate and Energy Fund and the FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH.

The market for electrically powered machines in the compact and small equipment segment is growing rapidly, enabling the electrification of construction sites. But there is still a need for research and development in the areas of energy supply, storage and distribution.
This is where the maxE demonstration project comes in via innovative sector coupling to cover the electrical energy supply of large and day construction sites by means of mobile storage and at the same time ensure that the voltage quality at the connection to the public power grid is guaranteed.

The high consumption of diesel on Austrian construction sites, the associated CO2 and pollutant pollution as well as the noise pollution for workers and neighbors speak for a corresponding necessary development of these alternatives. Initial analyses by Andreas Zauner and Johannes Lindorfer also show high ecological and energy reductions through the electrification of construction sites, including the integration of innovative storage systems.

Together with our cooperation partners, we will continue to work on this important development!

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