Topics & Methods

The activities of the Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz are aimed at promoting science in research, development and teaching. In this context, energy economic, legal and technical questions of all kinds, which concern the energy supply in the broadest sense, are researched and dealt with on a scientific basis.

The vision of the Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz is the active development of an energy system that positively influences living, economic and environmental spaces and in doing so strengthens the European economies and reduces fossil energy sources as far as possible. The Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz pursues a holistic approach and researches the energy system taking into account the individual components as a whole: provision, use, transport, and storage of energy – each area is only a part of the whole and is taken into account in an interdisciplinary manner through the analyses of the three departments of the Institute – Energy Economics, Energy Law, Energy Technology

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Our topics

Energy communities & demand flexibility
Efficient design of grid capacity – Energy communities – Energy efficiency and energy saving
Decarbonisation targets – Carbon capture and utilisation – Carbon sources and emissions
Energy behavior, engagement & acceptance
Energy system – Decision-making processes – Household surveys and field tests
Industrial processes & circular economy
Energy consumption – New processes – Energy efficiency
Market design & regulation
Transformation of the energy system – Energy market design – New technologies
Energy infrastructure
Further development of infrastructure – Different dimensions

Our methods

Economic analyses
Energy and enviromental policy analyses – Public choice analyses & governance – Roadmapping
Socioeconomic & sociotechnical analyses
Survey & polls – Identification of barriers, chances and recommandations for action – Innovation research and exploratory market analysis – Expert interviews
Ecological assessments
Life cycle sssessment – Life cycle costs
Legal & regulatory analysis
Classification of new technologies, applications and business models in the existing legal framework – Further development of legal matters – Comparative law
Techno-economic analyses
Learning curves, economies of scale – Benchmark analyses
Conceptual pre-engineering
Energy technology project – planning and conception
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