Ecological assessments


Conducting a robust and fact-based process assessment to quantify the ecological impact associated with products, services and systems in parallel with technology and product development is becoming increasingly mandatory. Not least to meet the requirements of the market and society. The accompanying multidimensional process evaluation of technology and product innovations at an early stage of development has become one of the core competencies at the Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz in recent years. This in-depth expertise can be applied to a wide range of technologies, processes and products.


By means of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the potential ecological benefits and risks associated with products, processes or individual measures are quantified in comparison with a reference system (state of the art). In addition to our practical expertise, which we have steadily built up over the past decades in the field of life cycle thinking, we use internationally recognized methods (ISO 14040/44) and employ accredited software models and databases that reflect the latest scientific findings.


The fulfilment of necessary goals in the area of sustainability is not limited to environmental impacts. Therefore, an economic consideration by means of cost-benefit analyses of technologies and products is also necessary in order to map a trade-off between economy and ecology at an early stage of development. In addition to our competencies in the field of techno-economic assessment acquired in numerous application-oriented research projects, infrastructure analyses, screening of markets, roll-out scenario development, etc. are also central components of our portfolio for a comprehensive process assessment.

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