Policy and governance of urban energy prosumption models – examining and co-visioning a social transformation process

Project Description

UrbEnPro aims to contribute to a just and resilient transformation of the urban energy system. Currently a range of energy prosumption models (e. g. energy communities) is introduced into the European and national legal system – with high expectations regarding more decentralization, renewable production, awareness and affordability. Amidst on-going efforts, it is necessary address questions of governing and organizing this transformation and to empower prosumption initiatives as well as relevant policymakers and municipal authorities, urban planners and energy experts, project and building developers.
Due to a complex, worth examining set of factors prosumption models are only slowly applied in urban areas. To use their social and ecological potentials and speed up their implementation, the research project will examine and collaboratively advise on enhancing relevant policies and governance. This happens via connected research on the crucial legal and policy frameworks, on the urban governance landscape and on existing initiatives.
UrbEnPro takes an inter- and transdisciplinary research approach. First it connects expertise on law, urban development and social sciences in investigating and reflecting upon the transformation of urban energy systems. Secondly stakeholders of three Austrian Cities will be involved in a co-visioning process aiming to explore potential pathways for fostering urban energy prosumption models. Thirdly the conclusions will be published and disseminated in academia and for urban stakeholders.

Project Consortium

  1. Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH
  2. TU Wien future.lab

Funding provider

Klima- und Energiefonds

Funding program

Austrian Climate Research Programme (ACRP) 15th Call
Klimafonds 2d Rbg Neu Ab 2023
Dieses Projekt wird aus Mitteln des Klima- und Energiefonds gefördert und im Rahmen des Programmes "FO999901449" durchgeführt.
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