SDG STRIKER seeks to increase the organisational capacity for Good Governance in grassroots sport organisations by: Assisting them to implement and communicate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through ad hoc action at local level so they can align themselves with European, national and local public policy on SDGs, and developing a joint understanding about best practices before, during and after being tested, and assess their potential for replication across the national Federation – and beyond national borders.


  • European Union




European Football Development Network
Portugal Football Federation
Norwegian Football Association
Scottish Football Association

Berichte zum Projekt

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  • Ansprechpersonen:

Jed Cohen, PhD


  • MitarbeiterInnen:

DI (FH) Johannes Lindorfer

Manuela Prieler, MA MSc

Lisa Eisner MSc



  • Projektlaufzeit: 01/2021 – 06/2023


  • Disziplinen:

Energy Behaviour, Engagement & Acceptance

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